It is shocking simple and easy to crack or break a cellphone. If you drop Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, there’s a chance you would have a broken or cracked screen. If a drink was spilled onto it or it falls to the ground then it its lights could be out. Outside buttons can get chipped, worn out or stuck. A broken cellphone camera lens can ruin a good photo.

So many things can be damaged. However none of these is ground to throw your damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. There’s still hope, don’t worry too much. To help you with your problem, we give you effective solutions that you can carry out the moment your phone got busted.

First check your warranty. If you had a damage that you actually did not cause and actually your phone is still covered then you might go back to the manufacturer of your cellphone and have it repair for free. But if your phone is not covered anymore then proceed to the next step.

Next step is repair it yourself. You can find so many articles and video tutorials online which guide user to fix or repair broken cellphones. If you know in your heart that you can do the repair then go. But if you have hesitation and no experience and knowledge fixing a cellphone then the next step is perfect for you.

The last step is to get or hire the service of professional technicians. If you really want your S6 Edge Plus be fixed immediately then better utilize a professional cellphone repair service. They can be cheaper still compared to getting an insurance claim. Also they are likely also to be quicker.