Are you planning to travel in Sydney, but not sure which is the best place to stay? Indeed, choosing the hotel or accommodation in Sydney is one of the most critical and time-consuming decision making for everyone. It could either make or break your vacation in the city.

Choosing your accommodation in Sydney needs careful research and considerations. You should know which hotel will fit your budget, how long you will stay and the most accessible hotel to your desired places to be visited. Choosing your accommodation must also be based on the convenience, comfort and accessibility to transportations.

Most of the hotels and apartments in Sydney are laid across the Central Business District. Other hotels are spread across the suburbs of the inner city such as Darlinghurst, King Cross, Elizabeth Bay and Surry Hills. For you to have an overview and idea the main accommodation hub in Sydney are the following places.

  • Paddington and Surry Hills
  • Central Station
  • Elizabeth Bay
  • King Cross and Potts Point
  • Circular Quay
  • The Rocks
  • Darling Harbor
  • Central Business District

For your benefit, here are the pros and cons in choosing the hotels in those places above.

Choosing the hotels in CBD allows you the benefit of being close to all major shopping centers, it is a few walks away from the main sites and will provide you easy or accessible transport options. On its contrast, there can be a lack of great views and some parts are dead after 8:00 at night.

Choosing Darling Harbour allows you to see great views of nearby attractions; it is close to Sydney Aquarium and is close to lots of bars, restaurants and entertainment centers. The negative side of staying at the Harbour is the cost. It is expensive to stay there because it is the premiere tourist center.

Staying at the hotels in the Rocks allows you to have easy access to the Opera House, the harbour and nightlife destinations. The negative side is that the city is rowdy after dark. Choosing hotels on Central Station as your accommodation allows you to have cheaper accommodation and meals. It is also close to the Surry Hills and Chinatown. The negative side is that the place is not picturesque. It is also seedy.

Potts Point and King Cross are the best places if you are interested in nightlife events. Hotels in the area are less expensive. On its contrast, the hotels in the place in not good place who are stay for those who are travelling with their family.

So, where is the best site to stay and hover around in Sydney? It depends on your purpose, business, and itinerary. More so, if you need to shop without having been out to consume more time, online shopping with your fast track couriers are more likely recommended.